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Correcting Political Correctness: How To Speak Conservative - Part 2 The Protest

Posted: 2014-11-30

Editor EVNN 11-30-14


The Protest


Please refer to Part 1 of this series (Correcting Political Correctness: How To Speak Conservative – Part 1) in order to better understand the premise of this “dictionary” if you will.

Anarchy has been a tool of conquest throughout the ages and in modern times it has become the primary method of conquest. Rather than build large standing armies in order to achieve the overthrow of a government one need only create anarchy in the streets and use the cover the anarchy to force a change in the ruling order.

The recent “protests/demonstrations” in Ferguson are a classic example of such an insurrection. It remains to be seen whether it was successful in achieving it’s goals. The goal of such an insurrection is to bring about either a change in the social/governmental order or further chaos because if you can create enough chaos, there will be demand by the general public for “change”. The kind of “change” that follows is usually greater tyranny.

A true protest or demonstration is a situation where people gather publicly to make known their desire for their government to redress grievances. As more and more power is concentrated in DC, local representative government becomes increasingly impossible and so, such problems will only increase.

Once the protest/demonstration involves a substantial violent component it is no longer a demonstration but now becomes an insurrection designed to bring about “change” which usually translates into more tyranny or more chaos.

In Ferguson, we saw community organizers working hand in hand with the media to gin up a false sense of indignation regarding a case which should have been a clear case of self defense on the part of the officer in question. The protests that followed were accompanied by Anarchists who have no dog in the fight other than a chance to use mobs of people in the streets as a cover for anarchy. The anarchists are often upper middle income whites who are only there to create more anarchy. The media showed lots of blacks looting stores but why would these looters set stores on fire? There would be nothing to steal then. HELLO? Anarchists are not interested in looting. They are interested in anarchy because it’s all about “change”. Many of the people who actually do the deeds are certainly useful idiots and I am certain that many will live to regret that they were used in such a way. I have met at least one such anarchist.

So, from now on let us not use the word “protest/demonstration” when there is in fact an insurrection in the streets and should be dealt with accordingly. Dealing with it accordingly is simply a matter of calling it what it is - an insurrection, or perhaps, to coin a phrase, a demon-stration. This discredits the entire process which is as it should be.

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