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Our National Principles

Posted: 2015-09-06

Don Kennedy 8-23-15

Three hundred and ninety-five years ago our nation was established on the Judeo-Christian ethic of religious morality. The principles of our nation were discussed in political speeches, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution until about 1960, then things began to change. 

We began to lose our moral and religious principles. Humanistic multiculturalists gained credibility with ideas which were antithetical to the Judeo-Christian ethic. Ideas which made it acceptable for promiscuous sex, the use of hallucinogens, for abortion on demand, for the sale of fetal body parts by a tax-payer funded government project, plus a litany of other transgressions which are too maddening to mention. All of which were made possible because God was taken out of our schools. We reap what we sow. 

Our nation has lost its moral direction because of the failure our religious and academic institutions and we the people. A failure which can be attributed only to the weakness of the human condition and its proclivity for doing as it pleases, regardless of the consequences. 

There’s an old saying—"Character is doing what’s right when no one is watching." We’ve forgotten what it means to be of good character and to have good values. The political philosophy of socialism is slowly taking over our minds and our lives. Socialism represents a weakening of the character of a nation. Socialism represents the denigration of individual freedom. It represents an idea that it’s all right to spread the wealth through confiscatory taxation with a redistribution of the wealth through government plans like Medicaid, food stamps and universal health care. All of which promote a sloth in the public mind. A sloth which diminishes the principle of the work ethic upon which America was built. A sloth which promotes crime and unspeakable acts of immorality. 

A moral and religious people understand what it means to be a republic and the virtue which is required to maintain it. They understand the precise balance between freedom, liberty and government regulation. They are aware of the differences between capitalism, socialism, communism and anarchy...but only if taught by an education system which isn’t controlled by the federal government. 

Today, our government seeks to indoctrinate our children about the "benefits" of socialism. The "benefits" of the collective. 

The benefits of individual achievement are relegated to the irrelevancy of outmoded ideas. Group thinking is the order of the day. Such a philosophy must be replaced with the epistomological exceptionalism of the individual and the almost unlimited possibilities of individual accomplishment. 

The invention of the cotton gin wasn’t a group project. Neither was the invention of the steam engine, or E=mc 2. All were achievements of individual effort. All are beneficial to mankind. The political collective has never been of benefit to we the people because it stifles the creativity of the individual. Pax tecum. 

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