For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it. ~Matthew 16:25

The Heart of Darkness

Posted: 2016-09-20

Don Kennedy 9-19-16

Apologies to Joseph Conrad author of a novella by the same title.


A conversation with a friend of mine describing the moral depravity of a particular city in California caused me to expand on his observations.


The city he mentioned is the center of homosexuality in the U. S. When one thinks of the moral results of such behavior, one can easily think of other cities which have  earned reputations for moral transgressions of their own such as wholesale murder which is done almost as a sport by street gangs in Chicago, Baltimore, Detroit, New Orleans and St Louis. 


The moral corruption which results because of the turpitude of the citizenry is too horrifying to consider. Fortunately, small minorities of people engage is these practices. How long that will prevail, we can’t be sure. Whatever the case, we must be on guard to see that the condition gets no worse.


Nevertheless, the consequences of the actions of these minorities have great impact on the lives of those who are the objects of the “sport.” Ultimately, at great expense, all of society becomes involved in the effort to curtail these anti-social activities. Yet, an antipathy to eliminate these social aberrations exists which is hard to understand. Could one say ignorance and apathy are the culprits? Perhaps an improvement in certain aspects of our education system would be beneficial.


Ask yourself why do these things happen? History teaches us the breakdown of the family unit is usually the root cause of the deterioration of moral fundamentals. As you look further into the cause, you find the family often fails to fulfill the religious requirements needed to build a morally strong society.  This is especially true of the Christians who are most prevalent in the free western cultures. Christianity is, and has been, the target of persecution for centuries. Could that be part of the cause of the decline of Christianity?


As Muslims are introduced into societies which are of the Judeo-Christian ethic, we find social chaos and physical conflict at the hand of the Muslim. Why? Because it’s written in the Koran that jihad (a struggle) is required to spread and enforce Islam. There is nothing like this in any other religion in the world. Judaism, Christianity and Islam are polar opposites. They cannot coexist.


So...what must we do to preserve our nation? First, we must reinforce our Judeo-Christian ethic. This is of paramount importance. Second, we must oppose, with all of our resources, the spread of Islam throughout the world. This, too, is of great import. Why would one want to replace a peaceful religion like Christianity with a religion of coercion and death such as that of Islam?


It’s up to us, the people, to save our nation from the heart of darkness.


Pax tecum.

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