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The Confederate Flag - a Straw Man Issue

Posted: 2015-06-24

Arizona Freedom Alliance 6-23-15


I don't like the fact that Gov Nikki Haley decided to remove the Confederate flag from the South Carolina state house. Or that Lindsay Graham said that the flag represents different things to different people, to some as a part of history and to others a symbol of hate. Then recanted his statement. He was right the first time.

The Confederate flag is a symbol of a gigantically mis-guided effort to secede from the Union in order to maintain the economic conditions in the south which happened to be based on slavery. The flag took no action. People did. No rational thinker would ever say slavery was anything but evil. Threats and attempts at secession are not confined to the South that led up to the civil war. Even today there is talk in some states of secession from the United States and those who engage in that talk feel they have a right to say that. They do!

They would probably establish a flag of their own in the process. Would that flag be considered a symbol of hate? It would not be the flag that is at fault for secession nor is it the Confederate flag that is at fault for those who today engage in hatred. After all, the Colonies wanted to establish itself as a free country by going to war against the British and many English fly the British flag today in America. If someone of English heritage commits a hate crime today, no one goes after the British flag as a symbol of hatred even though the English were very dictatorial in their day in America.

Killing is not about a symbol, even a flag, and it never will be. That's a straw man issue of the left. It's about what we learn from the world around us. American history has been so distorted that it's all but useless as a tool for understanding what has gone before us, the motivation of man of the past, the socio-economic conditions, the role religion played in our history. Too many of the millennials don't even know about our history... but they know who Snooky is! So they believe what is printed in the newspapers, they've never read the Constitution and they take what our president says about race and romanticize it. Historical facts to these young people – and note that all of these crimes are committed by those born after the 70's, commonly called Generation Y or the Millennials - and well after God was kicked out of the public square and the schools. Few of them have any concept of the Civil War, the Confederacy or God.

Today, the Confederate flag can just as easily represent – and does to those who chose a more positive and rational way of thinking - a victory over slavery, a “never again” reminder, an understanding that righteousness has a way of prevailing. Righteousness once was taught in schools, churches, religious organizations and families. There is little sense of righteousness being taught consistently anywhere today, even in the churches that too often have caved in to the media blitz of the leftist idea of class warfare and “equality.” The left has institutionalized political correctness to instill silence. Eliminating prayer in schools, as was done in 1962, had nothing to do with “separation of church and state.” There is no such thing except in the warped minds of the left who have so long made that statement that only the dedicated understand what the Constitution really says on this matter. The teaching of religion, opening the school day or a government meeting with a prayer rightly comes under the 1st Amendment rights as stated:Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.  But I digress.

One of the sad parts of this is how fast the Republican leadership fell hook, line and sinker for the straw man, false flag “it's the Confederate flag” scenario. When will they wake up and see the left is manipulating them to control the thinking of Americans. These are ordinarily rational people. In the same way, they are intimidated and defensive every time Obama blames the weather on racism. Racism justifies the war on the rule of law and those who defend it, they say. The left would wipe out every bit of history that doesn't follow their leftist and truly racist narrative. And have. They consistently use terms like Jim Crow – which, by the way, was fomented by Democrats, as was the KKK. They should be on their knees asking for forgiveness instead of blaming racism on Republicans! Racism was not even an issue in the 2008 campaign. Since 2009, it's the cause of everything bad that happens when blacks are involved. Even conservative blacks who have a clear eye about history and the truth behind these straw man issues are called Uncle Toms. Who are the racists, really?

Could it be that a Biblical view of the Confederate flag would change the minds of those who jumped immediately on the anti-Confederate flag bandwagon? Do they even know that the flag flying over the South Carolina capitol is not event the flag of the Confederacy? The media labeled that flag as a symbol of hate, and so it is true! But others label that flag as a symbol of triumph over slavery, a constant reminder of our historical moment when General Lee surrendered to Lincoln in complete defeat. That defeat did not come through the efforts of armies although that is the way it played out in the lives of men. It came through the Grace of God. It was God's chosen outcome, a lesson for the ages. All men shall be free. The media, it must be said, were firmly on the side of God and the end of slavery.  The New York Times set that tone in the 1860's.

That has radically changed. The young people of today who are committing these atrocities against a class of people are doing no less than following what they see in the media of today and hear from the president on a regular basis. Where do they get their moral compass? Their deviant behavior? Black and white youth alike?

This entire issue is stinkin' thinkin'. Change your thinking, change the country. Open the door and let God back into the room.

Don't be afraid to see what you see.

Ronald Reagan

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