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What Made America Great?

Posted: 2016-09-13

Don Kennedy 9-13-16

What Made America Great?

We the people did it! The descendants of the people who sought religious freedom for their Puritan faith. Christians, all.


Once the church had been established, the people tried a communist economy to sustain its citizens. When it didn’t work, they tried free enterprise capitalism. That worked. It still works if only we’ll allow it. When you fiddle with the fundamentals, the chaotic result is disastrous.


Our founding fathers believed in Nature’s God and the Laws of Nature’s God. They believed in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Our leaders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor to build a free nation. A nation free from government control.


The people fought the Revolutionary War to gain their freedom from the English monarchy. After eight years, they won their freedom. Freedom from government control. A freedom which is slipping away today because of those who no longer believe in Natures’ God and the Laws of Nature’s God which are the foundation of our national character and the principles upon which  it was built.


When you think of our national soul as that of unity, justice, domestic tranquility, a strong military for defense, the promotion of the general welfare and the securing of the “Blessings of Liberty” for the people, you have the basics upon which any free society is established. 


In the beginning, justice was defined by the English Common Law. Today, it includes “social justice.” That’s such a convoluted topic let’s review it another time.


In its original meaning, the “general welfare” referred to the business world. Today, it includes the socialist welfare state, a far cry from the original intent.


The welfare state gained strength during the Great Depression because our President, Franklin D. Roosevelt, was so enamored of Keynesian economics he used deficit spending and inflation to try to solve our economic problems. It wasn’t working, but, then, WW II came along and the war magically improved the economy, Funny, how wars do that...


Today, we are still using deficit spending and inflation to solve our economic problems, and they still aren’t working. When the fiscal dam bursts, we’ll have global economic confusion the likes of which we haven’t seen in the history of the world.


If history teaches us one thing, it’s that we don’t learn from history. Let’s take it upon ourselves to change that old axiom. We must eschew the siren call of socialism and go back to our founding precepts and concepts. They were conceived by men who knew and understood the history of the ancient world and the pitfalls of monarchy, anarchy, and everything in between.


As Bill Clinton and Donald Trump have said—“Let’s make America great again!” We the people can do it without a Clinton this time.   

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