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"America Doesn't Exist Anymore" Eye Witness Account Of Court (Burns Occupiers) Hearing of 3-9-16 Portland

Posted: 2016-03-11

Dan Sabrosky 3-10-16

Yesterday myself and my family made our way to the hearing in Portland, OR for the Patriots. It was truly a disturbing scene with many rows of defendents and their attorneys out in front of us as we looked on from the gallery. I watched the judge as she seemed to be slightly overwhelmed by the logistics of holding a large group trial for these men.

The thing that stood out the most is that the due process rights of these men took backseat to the ideas of accomodating the schedule of the judge, attorneys, jurors, and other trials going on during the same time period. The judge took it upon herself to waive the right of a speedy trial for these men, against their Constitutional right to have one. I watched her as she faked the appearance of being fair on a few other matters, but I could see she was controlled by either of both her left ideology and her federal masters.

There were little acts of communication defiance going on between us in the gallery and the Patriots, you could see the pleasure on the faces of the US Marshalls that would come around and reprimand. Seemed like they were ready to jump out of their own skin in their desire to physically want to attack someone for making a wrong move.

The one bright note is I can see the federal prosecutors have their work cut out for them. I see there are 4 or 5 defense attorneys that are very sharp and easily handle the arguments brought on by the prosecution. The bogus charges brought by the federal government should be easily defeated by the defense attorneys. We will have to watch and see if the court hinders or helps due process

As we stood and started to get ready to leave I took another look out over the crowd of men with their attorneys making final discussions before they head back to their cells. My heart went out to them and I couldn't contain myself, so I shouted out "God bless you men, America is with you" some responded with claps and return of thanks for our support. One of the Patriot defendents in the back row close to me looked up at me and said it doesnt matter America doesn't exist anymore. I smiled back at him and said I meant the uncorrupted America and he smiled back. His words still haunt me because they were true, America and the original idea of this Country does not exist anymore. Some of us know and understand this while others will begin to more recognize it soon. My fear is that not enough Americans care and without God's intervention we truly have lost this Country. Stay in prayer, God bless.




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