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BEWARE: Planned Parenthood Is Even Worse Than You Think!

Posted: 2015-08-07

Family Watch International 7-8-15


An Empire of Abortion, Deception, Fraud, 
and the Sexualization of Children


In light of the disturbing information that has recently come to light regarding Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), their abortion procedures, and processing and selling of fetal body parts, this special report provides additional evidence regarding Planned Parenthood's many other questionable and harmful activities both in the U.S. and internationally.


It is important to understand that Planned Parenthood in the United States is just one affiliate of a conglomerate of Planned Parenthood organizations that operate under the umbrella of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) in 170 countries around the world. This report presents evidence that is intended to spur further investigations into:


(1) The harmful materials IPPF and their affiliates are disseminating to children as the world’s largest provider of “comprehensive sexuality education,”

(2) The legality of IPPF and their affiliates’ questionable activities in the 170 countries where they operate, and


(3) IPPF’s relationship with and funding by multiple United Nations agencies. 


Planned Parenthood Specializes in Sexualizing Children


Yes, Planned Parenthood is well known as one of the largest abortion providers in the world, responsible for the deaths of well over 6,000,000 unborn children since 1970 in the U.S. alone. If you add all the babies they have aborted in the other 169 countries they have worked in, the number is likely in the hundreds of millions.


But what is less well known is that Planned Parenthood works very aggressively around the world to get their graphic, erotic, and often pornographic sexuality education programs adopted in schools everywhere.They often do this without the knowledge and consent of parents.


In other words, not only does Planned Parenthood target unborn children, they also have their sights set on all children (who they claim are “sexual from birth”) worldwide.


And with 65,000 Planned Parenthood service points in over 170 countries, Planned Parenthood is dangerous, they are powerful, and they are everywhere.


For years, Family Watch has been warning governments and parents how Planned Parenthood is aggressively teaching children at the youngest ages through sexual education programs that they have a “right” to sexual pleasure. They also instruct and encourage children to engage in a wide array of sexual acts to achieve that “right.” See, for example, this Life League video, but BE WARNED, IT IS GRAPHIC even for adults, let alone for children.


Planned Parenthood Profits from Promoting Risky

and Dangerous Sexual Acts to Children


One of the most disturbing activities of Planned Parenthood is their promotion of violent and high-risk sex acts to minors such as sadomasochistic sex involving whipping, choking, gagging and more. They also encourage children to frequent porn sites and adult sex stores. (They actually promote pornography viewing as normal for teens.) We know this sounds unbelievable, but this has all been documented in multiple videos by Live Action hereherehere, and here. Be warned, these videos are all very disturbing!


Planned Parenthood is an organization that is so unprincipled and irresponsible that it actually teaches HIV-positive youth they don’t have to tell their sexual partners they are infected. 


You see, the more they can sexualize children, the more likely these children will need to purchase the kinds of products and services Planned Parenthood provides such as sexual counseling, condoms, contraceptives, abortion, STD testing and treatment including for HIV/AIDS. So telling youth they don’t have to inform their partners they are HIV positive makes great business sense—it creates more customers.


Planned Parenthood and their affiliates spend millions of dollars lobbying worldwide to remove legal restrictions on abortions, sexual activity for children, and government-mandated sexuality education that promotes sexual pleasure to children—all things that bring them even more paying customers.   


In fact, Planned Parenthood Federation of America boasts on their website that they are the largest provider of sexuality education for children and teens in the U.S. Planned Parenthood’s international affiliates in 170 countries may also be the largest providers in their respective countries—a fact that should alarm parents everywhere.  


So sexualizing children through their “education” programs is a multibillion-dollar business for Planned Parenthood.


Why Obama, Hillary, Nancy Pelosi and Other Politicians 
Adamantly Defend Planned Parenthood


How has Planned Parenthood (at least in the U.S.) garnered so much money and power? They spend millions of dollars lobbying government agencies and politicians and influence elections by donating to Democrat candidates from their Super PAC, Planned Parenthood Action Fund. Many Democrat politicians in high places are then beholden to Planned Parenthood and help them get millions of dollars of grant money from multiple government sources.


In fact, the president of Planned Parenthood even took a leave of absence to campaign for President Obama, endorsed Obama in the 2012 presidential elections, and their Action Fund spent $1.4 million to buy ads attacking Obama’s opponent, Mitt Romney. LifeNews.com reports that Planned Parenthood also spent $12 million more to re-elect Obama.


So, of course, Obama feels obligated to defend Planned Parenthood—they helped secure him the White House.


This is also why in 2011 it was widely reported that Obama was willing to shut down the government to stop Congress from defunding Planned Parenthood back then. It is also likely the reason he is now threatening to veto any new bill that would defund them, and he may be willing again to shut down the government before allowing Planned Parenthood ever to be defunded..


In fact, in 2014 alone, Planned Parenthood donated over a half million dollars to support the elections of 115 Democrat congressmen and 23 Democrat U.S. senators. (To see a list of the politicians Planned Parenthood supported click here.) The group’s independent expenditures to elect pro-abortion congressmen and senators and defeat pro-life candidates amounted to more than $6 million in 2014.


Further, the judge that granted an injunction to prohibit the release of any more of the videos of fetal body part dealers just happens to be an Obama appointee and a major donor and fundraiser for Obama.


It has also been reported that Planned Parenthood and its affiliates have spent $3,386,461.67 lobbying federal agencies. Not a bad investment, since they get at least $500 million a year from government sources. Their national and international affiliates also score big with government funding, receiving large grants from multiple state and federal agencies including from USAID, CDC, HHS and more. 


And you can bet Hillary Clinton, who was honored with Planned Parenthood’s Margaret Sanger Award, has her eye on Planned Parenthood’s Action Fund now too. She likely is expecting payback during the presidential election for defending Planned Parenthood and securing them millions of dollars of grant money during her tenure as secretary of state. In fact, it has been reported that Obama and the Clintons have extensive and complicated histories of financial entanglements with Planned Parenthood


All these facts give us insight as to why Obama, Hillary, and other Democrats may feel they must turn a blind eye to Planned Parenthood’s atrocious acts and why they also must continue to aggressively defend them.


This may be a classic Washington scenario—I’ll fund your campaign through my PAC, then coincidentally you get lots of government funding for my organization, and then my PAC just happens to fund your re-election campaign. 


This is also why it may be next to impossible to get an honest investigation into Planned Parenthood’s activities by the Democrats they have supported, since they and their party could lose major financial support if Planned Parenthood and their PAC ever go down.


International Planned Parenthood Federation may have similar political arrangements in other countries. 


Planned Parenthood by the Numbers 

  • International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) receives millions of dollars from UN agencies including UNAIDS, UN WOMEN, UNICEF, and WHO. (See our policy brief for more on this.) 

  • IPPF’s main source of funding is from numerous governments. 

  • Planned Parenthood in the U.S. has received $75 million from Obamacareto  provide American children with graphic sexuality education. 

  • Planned Parenthood’s U.S. president Cecile Richards is compensated over $500,000 annually.

According to LIfeNews.com

  • While Planned Parenthood “remains America’s biggest abortion corporation, the ‘nonprofit’ continued to make money—bringing in $305.4 million last year and $305.3 million this year. Planned Parenthood continued to receive over a half-billion dollars in taxpayer money, as it took in $540 million in 2012 and $528 million in 2013."

  • “In 2013, abortions made up 94% of Planned Parenthood’s pregnancy services."

  • "For every adoption referral, Planned Parenthood performed 174 abortions."

  • “During fiscal year 2013-2014, Planned Parenthood received more than $528 million in taxpayer funding, or more than $1.4 million per day, in the form of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements.”

  • “Taxpayer funding accounts for 41% of Planned Parenthood’s overall revenue.”

  • “Planned Parenthood reported more than $127 million in excess revenue, and more than $1.4 billion in net assets.

Has Planned Parenthood Broken U.S. Federal Law?


It appears that Planned Parenthood in the U.S. may have finally been caught red handed violating at least one provision of U.S. law, which states that “in the case of tissue obtained pursuant to an induced abortion” the law requires that “no alteration of the timing, method, or procedures used to terminate the pregnancy was made solely for the purposes of obtaining the tissue.”


In the first video, the Planned Parenthood doctor states that they often alter the “presentation” of the babies so they are born feet first to ensure the baby’s head comes out intact so they can provide quality “specimens” for their buyers.The other videos show additional employees making similar statements regarding how they alter abortion methods to get more intact “specimens.”


In several of the videos, Planned Parenthood employees or doctors appear to be negotiating the sale of fetal body parts. One doctor claimed the transactions are not about the money, but then she asks the undercover buyers to tell her how much they would pay.


She then admits to altering their abortion procedure in order to preserve the fetal body parts. She says they use the more gentle suction aspirator to remove the parts from the mother's womb. Then at the end of the video she jokingly states she would like a Lamborghini.


Watching Planned Parenthood employees casually sift through babies' body parts in pie dishes in the videos is quite disturbing. It is hard to imagine that killing a baby inside its mother, pulling it out piece by piece, and then further dissecting it for research in this manner is really legal.


If Planned Parenthood is not breaking the law, then we need to change the law. 


Also from the videos, it seems that Planned Parenthood may not care so much about what is legal or illegal. They talk about handling the sale of fetal body parts carefully so they won’t get “caught.”


According to Population Research Council, in IPPF’s document titled "The Human Right to Family Planning," IPPF reveals that "Family Planning Associations should not use the absence of law or the existence of an unfavorable law as an excuse for inaction. Action outside the law, and even in violation of it, is part of the process of stimulating change . . . of fertility regulation services or specific methods." (International Planned Parenthood Federation. The Human Right to Family Planning. Art. 106, p. 28, Nov. 1983).


For example, to get around abortion laws in some countries, it is not uncommon for abortion providers to offer what they call “menstruation regulation services” instead. You see, during pregnancy, women stop menstruating. In order to “regulate” the menstrual cycle, the pregnancy is terminated through abortion so her menstrual cycle returns to normal. 


How Planned Parenthood Justifies Their Crimes Against Humanity

In a mass email campaign, Planned Parenthood national president, Cecile Richards, apologized for the "tone" of her employee’s statements in the video, which she says does not reflect Planned Parenthood’s “compassion.” 

An organization that has dismembered and killed millions of unborn babies is compassionate? Really? 

No matter what “tone” is used while describing their atrocious procedures, how can an organization that destroys live babies at up to 24 weeks gestation, (and studies show a fetus can feel pain at 20 weeks) ever be considered compassionate? 

Richards also uses the term “tissue” multiple times to describe baby body parts (including, heads, hearts, arms, legs, livers, and lungs) that are “donated” for research. 

In Planned Parenthood’s world, dead babies and their body parts are called “tissue” or “donations,” lists of babies’ body parts and organs available for purchase are called “menus,” and severed baby heads are called “calvariums.” 

So another question that begs an answer from Planned Parenthood is this: if a blob of "tissue" has human body parts including a heart, a liver, lungs, limbs and a head, how is this not a human child? 

For years, Planned Parenthood has been using euphemisms to describe their atrocious activities as a way of concealing their controversial work. For example, they call their activities “health care,” or “reproductive health services,” or even women’s rights” that governments must fund—and this is one way they get away with what they do. 

Or, in the case of their graphic and dangerous programs that encourage sexual pleasure and experimentation, they call it “comprehensive sexuality education.”


Controversial Policies Advocated by Government-Funded 
Planned Parenthood


Some of the controversial positions advocated for by International Planned Parenthood Federation and their many affiliates are listed below.


Planned Parenthood advocates against:

  • Mandatory reporting laws when sexual abuse of minors is suspected. 
  • Parental consent laws regarding (1) abortion for minors, (2) contraception, (3) instruction in sexual education. They consider these to be barriers to "reproductive rights."
  • Laws requiring HIV-positive youth to inform their sexual partners they are infected with HIV.
  • Safety and health requirements for abortion clinics.
  • Any restrictions on abortion.
  • Laws defining marriage as only between a man and a woman.
  • Abstinence-based sex-education policies.
  • Age of consent laws for minors.  
  • Laws restricting consensual sex of any kind.
  • Conscience clauses that allow doctors and pharmacists to refuse to prescribe or dispense abortafacient drugs or to perform abortions against their beliefs.

Planned Parenthood advocates for:

  • Abolishing any restrictions on abortion including on partial birth abortion. 
  • Mandatory comprehensive sexuality education for minors without parental consent.
  • Sexual rights that include unrestricted sexual freedom for all at any age.
  • The right of both children and adults to experience sexual pleasure.
  • The liberalization of all gender and sexual norms in society.
  • The legalization of same-sex marriage.
  • Gay, lesbian, transsexual, and bisexual rights.
  • Bans on therapy to help minors with unwanted same-sex attraction.
  • The liberalization of pornography laws.
  • Peer-to-peer sexuality education.
  • Instructing children on masturbation.
  • Lowering of age of consent laws.
  • The legalization of prostitution. 
  • Destigmatization of “men who have sex with men.”

A Call to Action to Protect Children!


Family Watch International, along with the UN Family Rights Caucus, is calling upon:


1. The United Nations to investigate Planned Parenthood’s international activities and stop funding them.  


2. All national governments to investigate Planned Parenthood in their countries. 


3. All parents worldwide to investigate whether Planned Parenthood might be harming their children through their school programs. 


If Planned Parenthood is in your school, we can guarantee the situation is not good.  


For example, right now there is a fight in the state of Hawaii to try to stop Planned Parenthood’s dangerous “Pono Choices“ curriculum from being implemented in their schools. This is just one example of many.


Please consider taking at least one of the eight steps listed below to help expose Planned Parenthood and stop them from harming your children. 


This is literally a matter of life and death, so please also send this alert to as many others as you can. And please remember to sign the letter to the UN


Thank you for whatever you can do to help!  

Tell the UN to





Please forward this on to others!


Please consider supporting our work to expose Planned Parenthood by making a generous donation today!

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