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Chutzpah: Gilbert Superintendent Proposes $128 Million In New Taxes

Posted: 2015-05-19

5-19-15 EAN

Chutzpah (definition: supreme self-confidence, nerve, gall )

Chutzpah is the word that comes to mind when describing Gilbert’s new Superintendent of Public Schools Kishimoto.

            I will, however, give her high marks on transparency. At the work-study session held on Tuesday May 12, 2015 it was spelled out in no uncertain terms how she, and her co-conspirators, planned to dupe the Gilbert citizens into paying for this lavish over-reach of government.

            The logic: since the last override of 6.6% failed, then just ask for a 42% override. Uh, what? Here is how it breaks down. They are asking for a 10% override plus a $98 million bond issue which includes $8 million for construction. Wait; what? Parents are pulling their children out of public schools left and right so what do they want to build? Get this. Their logic seems to be, “well, we don’t have anything to build right now but you just never know when you might want to build something and $8 million seems like a nice number”. Based on what you might ask? Feelings? Nothing more than feelings?


( In light of all the scandals involving public school construction companies ( )

in Arizona, one just might smell a rat here. )


            Are they insane? Here is the logic behind all of this, which they spelled out plainly in the meeting. Their studies indicate that if there are 2 new taxes on the ballot, instead of 1, people are more likely to vote for both of them. Why? Human psychology; nothing more.

            The Superintendent did not explain, even in passing, that I could see, anyway, why the current funding, which is well north of $300 million, was not sufficient to pay for all the goodies she wants which includes $35 million for new technology (gee, what happened to the last tech override money of  $57 million? ) which includes thousands upon thousands of new computers. Does anyone remember the recent catastrophes ( ) involving lavish spending on technology?

            As egregious as all this seems, Board members Jill Humpherys, Lilly Tram, and Charles Santa Cruz are all for it. Why? Because they rubber-stamp practically everything that Her Imperial Superintendency dictates.

            Will the citizens of Gilbert fall for this latest gambit? That’s anyone’s guess but one thing is for sure, like Biggie Smalls said “Mo Money, Mo Problems


“I don’t know what they want from me

It’s like the more money we come across

The more problems we see”

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