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How To Get Rid Of Agenda 21

Posted: 2015-01-09

From American Policy Center:

This is the big one – the one I’ve been promising!

On this special webinar I am going to reveal my 5 point plan to fight and stop Agenda 21. Join me and you’ll understand why this title is so appropriate!
I have been working on this plan for almost 2 years. I have consulted with some of the best minds and most successful activists and elected representatives in the nation to perfect this plan. 
I think you are going to be excited to help me put it in place.
Never before has anyone focused this kind of effort to fight Agenda 21.  My 5 point plan will detail:
  • A national training seminar to train activists in new tactics and organizing – right down to the precinct level 
  • Bringing together a national force of elected officials who have been (until now) working individually to stop Agenda 21
  • Creating effective legislation to stop sustainable policy
  • A dramatic video designed specifically to inform every elected representative in the nation about the consequences of their actions in implementing Agenda 21/Sustainable policy
  • Field Coordinators to help local activists organize
  • A special internet clearing house to list candidates who support our cause/ including a directory of activists in every state.  
  • A special national advertising campaign to reach out to average Americans nationwide to draw them into our cause.
  • A special program each of us can use to reach out to businesses nationwide to join our cause and support protection of property rights.
  • How about a song written specifically for our cause? Yep – I will present that too!   
I will be joined on this special session by several guests who have helped me pull this plan together and are now committed to seeing it implemented.
I told you from the beginning that my purpose in presenting the monthly webinars was to build a effective army of trained activists to stop the Agenda 21 monster that threatens to change our American system of government and way of life.
This plan will change the game for our cause. It will bring new direction, new energy, new ideas.
And I believe it will stop Agenda 21
But I cannot do it without you!   
The battle to stop Agenda 21 is heating up in communities across the nation. Proponents of Sustainable policy are stepping up their efforts to fully implement it. They have expressed fear of our movement.  Now, in this new year of 2015, let’s give them a battle they have never faced before – the battle they fear the most! Thousands of dedicated, trained activists working together with elected representatives armed with effective legislation to crush Agenda 21.    
Here is your call to action!
Join me on January 18th for this very important installment.

It’s all Free. All you have to do is sign up. Here’s how:

If you’ve already signed up for our webinars you’ll be able to login and watch the webinar here:

To signup for our webinars go to the registration page:
Please share this important notice with your entire list of activists and friends. Post it on your web sites and on facebook. We have brought more than 2000 new activists into the Agenda 21 fight through these webinars. We need 20,000. Ask one friend to join you on the next one. Help me build the numbers.  
We’ve started at the beginning to teach an introduction to Agenda 21. And each month we added more and more details into the issue.  And if you missed the first seven APC webinars they are archived on the APC web site = americanpolicy.org/webinars
Now is the time to organize like never before – to build an army of informed and effective activists using the best tactics to stop Agenda 21. Now is the time to Stop Agenda 21 and restore American Freedom! 
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