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Robson And The Serial Sign Slayers

Posted: 2014-08-19

8-19-14 Mike Richardson




Now that it looks as if there is going to be justice meted out to at least one of the two serial sign killers, we can look at the field with a wider lens.

Bob Robson has been caught committing a crime.  Let us not forget that he, a sitting elected official, Arizona State Representative to be precise, has taken an oath to abide by the laws of this state.  It is clear that Robson, in a quest to be re elected, violated that trust. 

Why was it necessary for Robson to cheat and steal?  Because he previously violated his promise to adhere to the basic Republican doctrine spelled out in the Republican Platform, and living up to his false claims of being a conservative.

Bob Robson, Jeff Dial, and the ever shifty John McComish, colluded with our Governor to help her adopt the very progressive agenda brought to her by the never ending line of special interest lobbyist and consultants who haunted the halls of the Capitol.  By promising the weak underbelly of the AZGOP money to betray Arizona and to cast shame onto LD18, Brewer with help from other so called Republicans were able to swing the state blue.  Medicaid Expansion is not the only betrayal from LD18er traitors however, between them we see Common Core, continued Public Employee Union pension spiking, Union dues collection paid for by the taxpayers, and deficits raising every year until conservatives retake the government.   

Ever wonder why the bribe money was held back until the votes were recorded?  Perhaps the bribe payers were aware of the character of the legislators they were dealing with and made it a COD deal.

For the many people who have seen the recently released video and believe that Robson’s criminal accomplice is Jeff Dial, they will be bolstered by what they will see in the second video soon to be released.  Dial, always the tail on the dog has a history of dirty and unsavory activities during campaigns and apparently just can’t stop.

These people are the backbone of Governor Brewer’s endorsement roster.


Updates will continue as information comes out about this sordid tale of bad government brought to us by bad voting habits.


My thanks to the Maricopa County Sheriffs Department for taking this case after the Chandler Police Department deep sixed it, probably to where most of the slashed and crumpled “Arrows of Truth” signs can be found.  Chandler PD took their report late Saturday Night and byMonday Morning had decided to close the file due to no suspects and no leads……What?


Mike Richardson LD18 PC, AZGOP


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