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Ideas for a Well-Rounded Responsible Curriculum in TUHSD

Posted: 2014-05-18

Peggy McClain 5-14-14 Education Action NetworkOne of the most common arguments we heard this spring during the TUHSD Sex Ed curriculum debate is kids are most likely going to have sex before they get married,thus, we adults should act responsibly and give them the proper information so they make good decisions.Very well, let's apply that argument to other temptations.It's nothing new that some kids try smoking before they turn 18, the age they are legally allowed to smoke. The media and culture has been pretty good about educating the public about the dangers of smoking. But gosh, somehow that message isn't getting through to some students.What to do? Well, I suggest during two weeks of health class the instructor should teach about different types of smoking and tobacco. They could cover cigarettes, pipes, chewing tobacco, and even pot. I know, let's contract with Philip Morris to develop a Smoking Curriculum. After all, this corporation really knows about tobacco and certainly wouldn't want kids to pick up this habit at a young age. Maybe Philip Morris will give the district a smoking deal on teacher training.Drinking alcohol isn't allowed until age 21. I know of several teenagers who have consumed alcohol while still in high school! That is against the law, we just can't have this behavior occurring in our district.Anheuser-Busch is a well-established brewing company. They may accept the opportunity to teach a Safe Alcohol curriculum to the youngsters. I mean, we know they are going to drink, so maybe at their ages they should know which alcohol options are safest. And we don't want minors drinking and driving. I bet teaching them about beer, whiskey, wine, champagne, vodka, etc. will prevent them from grabbing those keys after they've had a few!And finally, gambling is quite a vice. Not only does this waste money, the kids won't get their homework done. No problem, Lone Butte Casino is right in the TUHSD boundaries. They could be contacted regarding a Just Say No to Gambling Curriculum. At least by going to the experts, the students can learn about slot machines, Poker, and Blackjack to name a few options. They may need an extra week for supplementation on horse and greyhound racing. And since they will learn the dangers of drinking from Anheuser-Busch, there will be no temptation to drink once they are old enough to visit Lone Butte.The big dilemma: What important subjects do we drop from the school day to accomodate this necessary instruction?
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