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The Truth About Net Metering

Posted: 2014-01-25

From the Desk of
Dear Conservative Friends:
              I’m writing you today about a critical issue facing our state.
              You may have heard or seen some stories last year about the future of solar power in the State of Arizona.  A group pretending to be conservative Republicans and speaking for conservative Republicans statewide pressured the Arizona Corporation Commission to protect “net metering.”
              Net metering is a technical term for a rule that forces utility companies to pay solar customers for excess power their solar panels produce at a higher rate than the market dictates.   Another major problem is that net metering forces homeowners that don’t use rooftop solar to pay for those that do.  Even worse, this benefits California solar companies, like SolarCity, by forcing you to subsidize their profits. This is unfair.   
The real conservative position is this:  if you want solar panels on your rooftop, go ahead.  But don’t make your neighbor pay for it! That’s not choice!
              These groups continue to try to convince Arizona residents that subsidizing solar companies at the expense of non-solar customers is a good idea.  The real money behind this scheme are the same California solar companies that are currently under investigation by the federal government and are being sued in a class-action lawsuit in that same state.
              And who are the biggest cheerleaders behind this solar net metering scam?  Barack Obama and the ultra-liberal Sierra Club.   That’s right.  Barack Obama’s advocacy group, Organizing for America, and the Sierra Club have come out in full support of this net metering scheme.
              What self-respecting “Republican” would ally himself with the likes of Obama and the Sierra Club?
              The Arizona Corporation Commission will continue to look at this issue.  It is critical for us as conservatives to let the all-Republican Arizona Corporation Commission know we are opposed to any scheme that lines the pockets of corrupt California companies at the expense of Arizona ratepayers and that net metering reform needs to continue to occur.
              What these solar companies support increases your utility rates.  No doubt about it.  Instead of trying to compete in the marketplace, these solar companies are looking for a handout!
             Let’s make sure our voice as true conservative Republicans is made loud and clear.
              Thank you for your involvement in our great Republican Party.
Senator Russell Pearce

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